1. Into Oblivion
    2 Sick Monkeys

  2. Antipop Records 2009-18
    Various Artists

  3. Antipop Label Sampler 2017

  4. Curio Cabinet
    The Mighty Bossmags

  5. Be Fool
    Elmo and the Styx

  6. Magnet Shield
    Tom Vamos

  7. Wonderful Sound, Strange Shape

  8. He Wasn't Born A Scumbag
    Villy Raze

  9. No Escape

  10. Reap The Storm

  11. Second Skin

  12. Antipop Label Sampler 2016 - Free

  13. Psychedelic Village
    Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies

  14. The Snake and the Snoozer
    Sweet Deals on Surgery

  15. On The Road
    Carl Moorcroft

  16. Bash The Bishop
    Boycott the Baptist

  17. We're All The Same
    Schoolboy's Death Trio

  18. Antipop Label Sampler 2015

  19. I, Idiot
    Elmo and the Styx

  20. In Joke

  21. Don't Go Down Gentle
    Super Fast Girlie Show

  22. Regurgitated For The People
    Saltwater Injection

  23. Antipop Label Sampler 2014

  24. I Heart Here
    Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies

  25. Happy
    Elmo and the Styx

  26. De Novo
    Villy Raze

  27. More Songs About Circles

  28. Frontier Myths
    Fat Phace

  29. You Can't Have Everything
    Flat Back Four

  30. Antipop Label Sampler 2013

  31. Consume and Keep Smiling
    Old Radio

  32. Sick Sick World
    The Vermin Suicides

  33. Antipop Label Sampler 2011

  34. Yeahman It's...
    The Vermin Suicides

  35. Hip Potater
    Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies

  36. The New Underground
    Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies

  37. The Devils Handbook
    Metro Manila Aide


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